A local church here in town is making quite a name for themselves with their outstanding annual musical productions. This year the Wizard of Oz was chosen and Lilah and Vivianne both auditioned. Vivianne got the part of a munchkin, specifically one of the Lullaby League munchkins and Lilah was selected to play a poppy! Remember in the movie, where Dorothy is traveling on the yellowbrick road to the Emerald City and the Wicked Witch of the West puts a spell on the field of poppies she is walking through to put her asleep. That is where the poppies come into play :-)

They rehearsed every Sunday for 8 weeks, and then the week leading up to the play, went to dress rehearsal every night. There was a total of four performances over the weekend, one Friday, two on Saturday, and the final on Sunday afternoon. Thomas and I went opening night and had front row tickets. It was SO good. We were blown away by the talent. Dean and JoAnne attended the Saturday afternoon show and JoAnne even won a raffle door prize! And Cynthia and I went to the finale on Sunday afternoon. The girls did such a good job. They were exhausted by the time Monday morning rolled around, but they both said that they want to be in the play, again, next year! Yay!

Here are a lot of pictures!