This morning we woke up bright and early, because today was the day for my 21 week ultrasound appointment. We have been so excited for this one, because you get to see the baby and make sure its growing and stuff. Well the phone rings at about 6:45 am, its the receptionist at the clinic saying that they had to cancel our appointment due to the weather. Apparently most of the staff comes in from near the Wisconsin border and there was no way they would be able to get in for the 8:00 am appointment. We were BUMMED!

Thomas had a big work function (breakfast type welcome thing for the company that is in the process of buying theirs out) this morning which was suppose to start at 8:00 am as well, his boss had said it was ok for him to miss it due to my appointment, but that everyone else was expected to be there! So being that there was no appointment now, he wanted to make sure he got there in time…then we looked outside! Oh my gosh…snow, snow, and more snow!

We decided it would be best for him to take the train, instead of trying to fight traffic on the interstate, so the plan was for me to take him to the train and drop him off so that I could take his car to work. We didn’t want to break out the festiva for this one:)
Well it took us a while to even get out of the parking lot and then when we finally did, the roads were a mess! Most had been cleared earlier, but already more snow had accumulated on them. While Thomas drove to the train station, I pretty much winced in pain, thinking I was going to have to drive back home and then to work again (being I don’t start until 9:00 am, and it’s about 7:30 am at this point). Low and behold, we finally make it to the train, Thomas and I decided it was best for me to just go straight to work (my work is about 8 minutes from the train station and I just need to go down one straight road) instead of trying to go back home for fear that I would get stuck. So I took off, and it took me forever! I think about a half hour to go about 4 miles. It was by far the worst driving conditions I have ever driven in…and I grew up in ND! So I am almost to my turn for work, when my defrost and windshield wipers can’t keep up, and now my three feet of visibility became about three inches…I could feel the tears welling, because if I had to stop, I would be on the road with about 50 cars behind me and I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I just kept going in a straight line hoping I was on the road. I had the passenger side window rolled down to see, and then I saw my turn so I turned in and at that point you couldn’t see out the windshield at all-I mean at ALL, so I rolled down the drivers side window (yes, I said rolled, remember I am in a 1994 Chevy Beretta…we so need a new car…but that’s another story) and stuck my head out only to get a bunch of snow in my face, so I decided to just barely lean my head out, so that one eye could somewhat see where I was going and hoped that I wouldn’t hit anything. Fortunately, I work in a pretty quiet business park, and everyone else that works there must have decided to stay home, because I was the only car in the area (except one…our die hard neighbor, one suite down from the one I work in). Anyway I am here at work, I can’t believe I made it. I hope it stops snowing, so I can go home today, I just might camp out at the office if it doesn’t.

Hope all of you are safe and sound!