The week started out with the best Fall weather ever…seriously, gorgeous…couldn’t get enough of outside time!




Lilah had a great week at school and at home…



She even had her little buddy over for a playdate…after they painted pumpkins they decided to go downstairs and paint their faces with marker…not so cool. Her little friend’s mom comes to pick her up…I call the girls up from the basement…and literally about died of embarassment when they come upstairs with what appeared to be full on make-up, but instead of make-up it was marker. Nice.

Elsa and Lilah painting pumpkins

Vivianne had fun at swimming…her favorite part is diving for rings.


Then towards the end of the week…it started to get cold…BRRRR!!! Thankfully, the cousins came over for a sleepover and brightened up the mood!


best buds

dirty work

They helped watched Dad rake the leaves…7 hours later, he ended up with 24 bags.

playing in the leaves

v playing in the leaves


Even little Lillian wanted in on the action…
can i come out too?

She was the best baby ever, didn’t even cry once :-) Now, that’s my kind of kid ;-)

And aside from all that excitement, the girls got new beds this week! They are both now in twin beds…Lilah fell out last night, but so far I think she is still liking the fact that she has a “big” girl bed :-)

Happy Sunday :-)