I'm laying in bed this morning and hear Lilah start to wake up. She's not crying just kind of stirring in her crib (their bedroom is right next to ours, so I can pretty much hear them breathing). Vivianne comes bounding into our bedroom and yells at me, "Mom, Lilah's squawking about you! Go get her!"

She has just recently decided to become a lot more interested in her little sister. I think she finally realized she's here to stay :-) That and the fact that Lilah is a bit more responsive now, Vivianne will try and get her to smile and laugh, it's so cute. Sometimes I will recite the tag line from Yogi Bear to Lilah in a funny voice and say, "Hey, hey, hey Boo Boo! It's Yogi Bear!" Lilah loves when I do this.

Anywho, I heard Vivianne trying to say it to her, but she can't quite do the funny voice part, so Lilah doesn't give her the reaction she's looking for, but she still does it. It melts my heart.