Snow Sculptures! We heart Minnesota...more so in the spring, summer and fall...but a tiny bit in the winter time too, I guess ;-)

Vivianne had fun roller skating/blading with her girl scout troop at the Roller Garden in St. Louis Park!



We went downtown for a friend's surprise birthday lunch and we were a little early so we parked and walked around the Linden Hills area...stumbled upon this ADORABLE little bookstore called the Wild Rumpus...wow! So cool. They had cages with live animals (birds, ferrets, the rat sisters---not my fav, but the girls loved them) everywhere, a calico cat roaming the store...and an children's author just happened to be doing a book reading when we popped in, plus there were complimentary cupcakes (like the good kind, with the filling in the middle!). The mere variety and volume of books is reason enough to stop in and check it out, but all those fun extras made it hard to leave. We will definitely be going back again...maybe when the weather warms up a bit.