I took this picture right before we headed to the dentist last week…I had a sneaky suspicion that the dentist might opt to pull a tooth or two when it was evident one of her permanent teeth was starting to pop through directly behind her baby tooth that was not budging. Sure enough, the dentist ended up pulling her two bottom teeth. Her X-rays show that her permanent teeth are much larger than her baby teeth and will end up taking up more space than there is in her mouth right now…I’m seeing dental bills in our future ;-) (Oh, and Lilah apparently now has a cross bite…oh, joy!) Hopefully, Vivianne will have a decent growth spurt soon and her jaw will expand and everything will fall right into line…we can pray, anyway. And the dentist mentioned that children can grow in and out of their cross bites…going to pray on that one as well.

So here’s my little sunshine, with her new smile! She’s very proud of this toothless grin. She was feeling a little left out as most of her friends have been losing teeth for quite some time. Well, now she’s part of the club :-)