Vivianne vs. the Mosquito

Vivianne got two, what seemed to be harmless, mosquito bites on her right cheek over the 4th of July, and a few on her ankle. We didn’t see her scratching them, but they increasingly got worse, and on day three she woke up with her entire right eye swollen shut. The doctor assured us that it was not an infection and said not to worry that it is a common reaction from the bites. He said we could give her children’s benadryl for the itching, but the swelling would just have to go away on it’s own. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So it is finally starting to go away, a week later. We are hoping she’s not allergic to mosquitos, but she just might be.

*Yes, Granny, we are using bug spray, Avon skin-so-soft, you name it…we’ve got it all ;-)

Here’s a picture of the reaction not quite at it’s worst, but close to it.

Mosquitos stink!