I don't have a single picture from this year's Valentine's Day...that's odd, as I've recently just rediscovered how much media I have...it's astronomical, in fact. If awards were given for this kind of thing, I'm quite certain I'd be in the running for the grand prize. Ha! So, I guess, it's ok that I don't have any pictures from the holiday this year, at least my hard drive thanks me ;-)

It was so much fun though! Ever since the girls were teeny tiny, we've done a scavenger hunt on Valentines Day. The very first year the clues were so easy, pictures on each card, simple 2-3 word sentences. We had to help. That year, their last clue led them to the refrigerator, where they found their "prize" was sparkly shoes.


Each year the clues get a little harder, the game a little longer. Last year, was the first year Lilah got her own set of clues, since she was reading a bit. So this year, they both had their own set of clues, again, that led them on a wild hunt all over the house (sometimes outside the house too!) and finally to their "prize". Both girls got a new book, some fun lip gloss and candy. Lilah finished her book right away, and V is almost done with hers...they LOVE to read.

I love this tradition, I can't believe it's the 5th year we've done it! And now, with the internet, it is SO easy. You don't even have to come up with your own clues (if you don't want to, or don't have the time, or whatever)...you can find EVERYTHING on the world wide web. This year, I downloaded clues from someone's website, printed and cut them out...it was so simple, took minimal effort, but had a major impact. The girls love the "hunt" part as much as the "prize". They also love the string of hearts that we hang on their bedroom door frames the night before as a surprise, so when they wake up, they get to walk through dangling hearts.

Here is another throw back to V-Day...with my favorite Valentines of all time :-)