We had our annual scavenger hunt! Here's a tiny glimpse of what it's like...

Lilah found her surprise before Vivianne this year ;-)

We had Grandma Cynthia over for dinner and had Fondue. I started heating the oil on the stove...my plan was to get it hot and then I'd pour it into the fondue pot (we have a nonelectrical one where you have to light this little flame underneath to keep it warm)..anywho, had the cover on the kettle on the stove and the heat turned up to high for let's just say a while...a long while...nearly burned down the house, but luckily didn't. Cynthia acted quickly and put the cover back on the kettle that had burst into flames. That will be one Valentine's memory that I'll never forget! YIKES!!

Anyways, all is good, the kettle was even saved, and the house didn't smell like burnt oil the next day, and the fondue was yummy, so all-in-all a WIN for V-Day of 2018!

We also got a surprise Valentine's Day box of treats in the mail the next day from Granny and Pappy...YUM, YUM!