Traffic Jam

So Vivianne and I had made a trip to Target this morning and on our way home our plan was to stop by the library. Target is maybe 10-15 minutes away at best. However, with the new construction coming back, it took us an hour from the time we left the Target parking lot until the time we pulled into the library. About every 2-3 minutes Vivianne would ask to go to the library and every time I would tell her, “Yes, Vivianne, we are on our way there.”

She asked, again, for probably the 20th time. By now my patience was wearing thin, so I said, “Honey, we are stuck in a traffic jam, and we can’t go until the cars in front of us start moving.”

It takes her a second to comprehend what I had just told her, and then she responds with, “Excuse me, cars, excuse me!”

Oh my dear child, if it were only that easy:-)