Yesterday afternoon, Thomas and I took the train down to Chicago and tried out not one, not two, but three new restuarants!

We started out in “Greek Town” and had lunch at this place called Santorini. We originally were wanting to go to a restaurant called Pegasus but when we got there we found out the patio didn’t open until four o’clock and we really wanted to sit outside. The restaurant Santorini (the name somewhat ironic, being we are going to take a trip to the island of Santorini next month) was right next door and had an open patio so we gave it a try. It was very yummy.

After lunch we started to walk around a little and it began to sprinkle, so we went back to the restauarant Pegasus, which had been recommended to us and had some dessert and drinks. We stayed there for the better part of the afternoon.

By now it was getting close to dinner time, and we had heard that Frontera Grill was suppose to be a pretty cool place. It was packed! There was an hour and half wait for a table in the restaurant portion, so we decided to go into the bar area and just as we went it, a couple was leaving their table, so we were able to grab a seat right away and enjoyed some Mexican appetizers and drinks. We let a nice couple from Oklahoma share our table and had fun chatting with them.

We ate SO much good food that our pants are a little snug today…but it was worth it :-)