I kinda feel like there is this period or phase in a child’s life where magic lives and breathes at it’s fullest, where “the window”, so to speak, is wide open. Where fairies are really fairies, princesses are really princesses, where Mickey is really Mickey and not just some dude dressed up in a costume. For some children, this magical innocence lasts for a long time, for others it is short-lived, nearly over before it has begun.

I remember Vivianne used to dress up like a princess everyday. Every. Single. Day. The dress, the shoes, the crown, the jewels. One day, Cinderella, the next day Belle, followed by Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. She did this from about the age of two and half till about four and a half. She was constantly in costume. Whenever, Dad was around he was her prince. When her buddies would come over, that’s all they would play. Then all of a sudden, it started not to happen as often, and soon rarely at all. The dresses still hang in her closet, an occasionally she’ll put one on if someone else asks her to…but it’s generally not her choice. She’s past the stage of princesses (sigh). She’s on to new things, bigger kid stuff, I guess?!?

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to take her to DisneyLand at the peak of her “princessness”! Experiencing those moments with her are some of my most favorite memories…watching her eyes light up as the princesses would stop at our lunch table to say hello to her, wish her a Happy Birthday and sign her autograph book and pose for quick picture. I remember watching her blush when an innocent park-goer mistook her for the real Cinderella. “Oh, (she looks down shyly, smiling nervously) I’m Vivianne, I’m not really Cinderella.” She didn’t even need the “pixie dust”, that only moments before, Tinkerbelle had sprinkled over the top of her head to help her fly, because after that comment, I am pretty sure her feet never touched the ground.

Disney on Ice came to the Target Center last week. We brought the girls and had an absolute blast. Thomas and I got such a kick out of Lilah’s reactions, I stopped and recorded a couple with my phone. The video isn’t the greatest, it was dark, etc., but you kinda of get a little glimpse. Vivianne enjoyed the show as well, but in a different way, to her it was cool and she commented several times about the skating and how awesome it was that they could skate like that..that the people must practice a lot…“the people” she said, not the characters :-( While her window is nearly closed, Lilah’s window is wide open.

I am so excited for our next Disney trip…to experience it all over again with my still-very-much-believing little girl.