The tree story (updated with photos)

I had been toying with the idea of whether or not to put up a Christmas tree this year being we are going to be heading to ND for the holidays. That…and the fact that Lilah lives with us ;-) (I wasn’t sure how I would be able to keep her from climbing it and/or ripping every ornament off within her reach.) I casually mention to Thomas that maybe we should get a little tree (you know, those small baby trees) for Vivianne to decorate and I could put it up on the dining room table or something, that way Lilah wouldn’t be tempted. I am pretty sure he was actively participating in this discussion…but somehow that doesn’t explain the 8 foot+ monster of a tree he and Vivianne brought home.

So we had the tree inside and next we needed to put it into the tree stand. But first, we needed to saw off part of the trunk. Problem. We don’t own a saw. So, Thomas proceeds to take a hammer and a pick like tool and attempts to chip it off so to speak. This technique is apparently either not working, or not working as quickly as he would like so he really decides to get gangster with it and pulls out the electric drill. Picture this if you will, Thomas drilling into this tree trunk in the middle of the living room, wood chips flying as our two small children watch in complete awe. This whole scene reminds me of something you would watch on a TV show…one of those programs where you know it’s wrong but you just can’t stop watching it anyway. Soon, the drilling ceases. No more power tools, whew! Whatever he did has worked, the tree is ready to go into the tree stand. Now…a little bit of background on the tree stand, it was given to us. We probably would have never purchased it otherwise as it really is not a very good one and doesn’t support larger trees as we come to find out. The tree falls over twice, thankfully, it only nicked one of our kids…just kidding about that part, no kids were injured. We determine the tree stand sucks. But, it’s 7 o’clock on a Sunday night, what are we going to do? We decide that I will go to the store and see if I can buy a new one, while Thomas stands and holds the tree. All the while, Lilah and Vivianne are wandering about in a pile of pine needles. (Just typing this story now cracks me up). I quickly go to the store, buy the stand and head home. The tree was up and standing by itself within a matter of minutes and Thomas and I were speaking to each other again, ha! I’m kidding! It was actually quite comical the whole time. I just wonder if these sort of…situations…happen to other people???

Anywho, after about 3 hours it was finally time to decorate. Vivianne was more than ready. I had taken her to Target earlier that day and let her pick out all the ornaments (remember, at this time I was still thinking we were still getting a little tree mainly for her to decorate and enjoy). She cleaned the store out of the purple and pink bulbs and pretty much anything that had glitter on it as well ;-) It is definitely colorful!

2010 Christmas Tree
The tree tree