The Transition from Crib to Toddler Bed

In the recent months, if I had a dime for every time someone would ask me when I planned on transitioning Vivianne to a toddler bed, I’d now be able to buy at least 10 toddler beds. Since ol’ #2 is slated to appear on the scene in less than 8.5 weeks, the urgency of this concern has been re-communicated to me (and God forbid if that child is still sleeping in that crib whatever will you do with the new baby!!!).


Well, the truth is, had we not been expecting another baby this whole ‘transition thing’ would not even be on my radar screen. Vivianne LOVES her bed. I know it may sound crazy, but this child actually likes sleeping in her crib. There are a handful of times when she has asked to come into our bed only to ask after a few minutes have passed to go back to her bed, she won’t even sleep in our bed! I think she may now have finally reached the point where she actually could climb out if she wanted to and hasn’t. She’s content.

But, being that her little brother/sister will be here soon, I felt somewhat pressured to move her out into a “big girl” bed. So we spent this whole past week talking with her about the switch. We checked out books on the subject from the library, had her pick out her new bedding, etc. We even planned a special celebration on Friday with cupcakes and all. She was STOKED! When we unveiled her new bed, she immediately jumped right in. We were so happy. She likes it, we cheered! She grabbed her babies, slid under the covers, and yelled, “Good night!” We asked if she wanted us to read her stories, get her pajamas on—“Nope! Lights off!” was all she said. So we closed her door and walked out to the living room in disbelief, it can’t be this easy, can it? I said to Thomas, “I’ll give her about 3 minutes.” Thomas laughed and agreed. Sure enough, it wasn’t much longer than that when we heard her call out for us. Apparently, she was DONE having fun in her new bed! She wanted to go to sleep in “her bed” and pointed to the crib. So after a couple more attempts of trying to get her to sleep in the toddler bed, we let her sleep in her crib, which she did gladly. Maybe tomorrow we said. We’ll try to encourage her to sleep in her “big girl” bed for nap, ease her into it, so to speak, that was the plan. Nap time came and went, and it pretty much mirrored the events of the night before and yet, again, later that evening as well. So it’s Sunday now, we gave her the choice once again, “Where do you want to take your nap?” She chose the “big girl” bed. After about 30 minutes, she’s ready for her crib.

At least the time spent in the “big girl” bed is increasing, that is a good sign, right??? We will have to wait and see what transpires over the next few weeks. We are hoping she feels more and more comfortable with it and eventually decides to actually sleep in it :-)

Here’s a pic from the beginning of the first night…I should have taken one of her in the crib at the end of the night!

Big girl bed!