Last evening I noticed the air conditioning didn’t feel as cool as it normally does…I checked the thermostat and sure enough it wasn’t staying at the temperature I set it for…so this morning I called to get it serviced. When the tech came out, I showed him to the closet where the A/C was. He then asked me where the main unit was…at this point I was thinking-Whoa, who is this guy…I pointed and said your looking at it. He shot me the look that I had just shot him, probably thinking to himself that he was dealing with a real moron. He proceeded to tell me that it was probably on the roof of the condominium and asked if we could go up there and take a look. Being that I am not an avid visitor to the roof I went across the hall and knocked on my neighbors door, luckily she was home, and she gave me the number of the maintenance guy for the condo. I called him and told him the situation and he met me and the tech in the lobby and showed us how to get up there. We took the elevator to the 3rd floor and then went to the stair way and had to climb through this little hatch to get onto the top. The opening for this hatch was tiny…it felt like an opening one would have in at attic. The ladder to the hatch only went up so far and then you had to hoist yourself up the rest of the way using your sheer strength…this was somewhat difficult for me… I was concerned with what the tech must be thinking as he was watching me trying to project myself through this hole, I am sure he was laughing inside, I damn near started to but thought if I did I would get weak and have to start at the bottom again. Anyways, we made it to the roof which was just redone and painted white- this is about 11:30 am so the sun was so bright as it reflected off the roof, that I had to squint, only really using one eye at all times…did I tell you it was 90 degrees outside…well we walk across the roof which is filled with air conditioners- literally at least 100, so we hunted for the one that matched up with our unit. Now the roof isn’t just one flat surface, it has different platforms if you will, so we would go across one level and then down a ladder to the next and so forth in search of this air conditioner, all the while with one slit of an eye to look through and sweating to beat hell. As we are on our quest, we pass all different makes and models of A/Cs- the tech pointed out one really old one, and said hopefully yours doesn’t look like this one…guess what…ours was identical! Close to 30 years old I come to find out. The tech opens it up to run his test only to find two hornets nests inside- now there are bees galore all around us- he runs, so do I. We hang out on the roof together plotting our next move, squinting and sweating. He gets the courage to go try and swat away the hornets nests- that works- there aren’t as many bees hovering around the unit now, so he does his thing and then tells me the wonderful news. I was so glad, I really wanted a new air conditioner, one that I didn’t even know I had, for on top of the roof…I call Thomas at work give him the news, he was ecstatic as well. We are so lucky sometimes…well they came back in the afternoon to install the new unit- they ran into problems…yep…don’t they always. Well come 7 o’clock, they report that they will have to come back in the morning to finish…yeah that’s cool we say, we like to sweat, I am thinking this might be good for my weight loss…it’s 8:21 and I’m HOT…Thomas is STEAMING…I try to keep positive humming the tune from the movie “Annie”…you all know it, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, your only a day away!”

Tomorrow we will be cool and it will only have cost us 4 G’s…man…did I mention how pumped we are?