The Perfect Gift

Our girls have toys. Lots of toys. One could argue too many toys. Although, for the past several months, most of those toys were left untouched. Their toy of choice, an old cardboard box! Granted it was a rather large box (in it’s first life, it was the box that my desk was shipped in) that they converted it into their playhouse. They spent countless hours coloring it with markers and crayons and decorating and re-decorating it as they deemed fit. Even when their friends would come over to play, they all would eventually gravitate toward that box. There wasn’t a piece of cardboard that wasn’t covered in pictures and notes and scribbles.

So, this year, as we were trying to decide what to get the girls for Christmas…it became evident…a cardboard playhouse that one could color would be the perfect gift for them.

My mom and dad helped me set it up Christmas Eve in our basement while the girls were upstairs napping. After we got it assembled, I threw some left over Christmas lights on the top of it and placed a green bow on the front. It was ready. I tied a piece of string to the playhouse door handle and carefully left a trail of string up the stairs and all over the house, from room to room and finally cut the end of the string and placed it on one of the tree branches with a note that said, "To Vivianne and Lilah…follow the “magic” string and you will find your gift. Love, Mom & Dad." They took off, Krissy and Uncle Jeremy on their heels, followed by me, behind the camera, and then Tom and Granny and Pappy bringing up the rear. I snuck down stairs ahead of them so I could capture their reaction on video :-)

I put together this little video for our girls…