My Dearest, Lilah,

It's the night before Kindergarten, and you are all tucked in along with your favorite stuffed animals. And the pleas for "just one more hug" and "just one more kiss" have stopped for the evening. I'm in my room, and it's already settled in that tomorrow is just about did you grow up so fast?...I realize that it really hasn't been "that" fast. You've been with me nearly everyday since the day you were born. We've been able to spend so much time together. You are my little errand buddy, my trusty side kick, the little voice who reminds me what I need to buy at the grocery store, the little hands that help me around the house, my standing lunch date and most days, my entertainment. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a whole new routine for both of us.

lilah the princess

I know YOU are ready, more than ready, you've been counting down the days for two weeks now. Every preschool teacher you've ever had, has gushed about what a great student you are, what a great person you are. You can already read very well. You are as smart as a whip. Today, you met with your Kindergarten teacher for a few minutes to get to know each other before the first day. When we got home, you immediately went to the art closet and crafted up the most beautiful picture for your teacher. It was a painted flower scene, and written on top it said, "I'm so glad I'm in your class." :-) It's already tucked inside your homework folder and zipped in your backpack ready for tomorrow, because, "I don't want to forget it!" you said.

So Big!

You are five and a half, almost six years old. You love animals, and dream of one day being a farmer ;-) You will draw pictures or write love notes to me almost everyday. You are so sincere. Sometimes you'll say the most genuine heart-felt things and it will knock the breath right out of me. I'm not really sure how to describe it, other than you are somewhat of an old sole. Wise beyond your years, with a heart made out of gold. I love you so much, lilahbug. You are going to love school, I just know it!


You will forever be my "Star" and you will always shine bright in my eyes and in my heart.