The Library

I forgot how cool the library was until I brought Vivianne there yesterday afternoon. The local library’s children’s section is under renovation and has been closed since November. We’ve just been patiently waiting for it to open. It never crossed my mind to bring her to another library in a neighboring suburb until a parent suggested it at one of Vivianne’s classes. Lake Bluff is the city right next to Lake Forest so we headed down that way to explore their library (it took us about 4 minutes to get there). It was awesome! The entire basement was dedicated to the children. They had a little puppet theater with puppets, blocks, puzzles and of course books available for the kids. Lake Bluff LibaryShe LOVED it. She especially liked all the puzzles, we pretty much put everyone of them together ;-) On our way out we passed by the movie section and she spotted a Dora video so we checked that out and she got to watch some of it when we got home. The librarian informed me that they have toddler story time each week. Unfortunately it is during the same time she is at one of her classes, but this spring/summer we could take advantage of it! We will definitely be back.