On Saturday, we drove up to Lake Geneva, WI for a little weekend getaway. It is about an hours drive from where we live. The town has approximately 7000 people; it’s major industry is tourism. The town’s built around a lake that’s lined with tons of specialty shops which sell every kind of knick nack and craft imaginable as well as those souvineers you buy, which at the time seem cool, but when you get them home…spur thoughts like, “What was I thinking?”

We had a great time walking around looking at all the shops. It was so beautiful outside, you didn’t need a coat. It felt like spring.

We stayed at this cozy little bed and breakfast about 2 miles out of town. Each room had a theme. Our’s happened to be the “moonlight and roses” suite. Two words for you…Jacuzzi tub…nuff said :-)

The suites were fully equipped with everything from candles to Nora Jones CDs. It made you feel like you were a million miles from home when it reality we were roughly 60. We both enjoyed our stay very much and would definitely go back again.

Here are a few pics.