The "cry" face...

Lilah looked so much like Vivianne when she was born, now as she grows up, she’s getting more of her “own” look. One thing, though, that is still so incredible to me, is they both share the same “cry” face. I swear to you, when I see or hear Lilah cry it is like watching my first born all over again. The big crocodile tears, the way their mouth wrinkles up just before the waterworks begin, it’s ALL the same, the exact same! I took this picture today and as I was looking at it I just laughed, not at Lilah, but just at the fact that she looks like a mini twin of her sister when she was Lilah’s age.

PS: We were making cupcakes for Thomas…he gets home today after being gone all week! We can’t wait to see him :-)

Making some surprise cupcakes for Dad!