When we moved in, our plan was just to replace the towel rack…(Ha, yeah..) So we replaced it…and then came the sink…which led to the vanity… followed by the toliet…the flooring was next…and last but not least the shower head… oh yeah almost forgot about the paint color. Those of you who are on my “venting list-serve” are well aware that we painted it 3 different colors, patched the drywall and sanded each time as well until finally we decided on the color, “Rejuvenate”…we thought it sounded like a perfect name for the process BOTH we and it underwent. We only had a few minor problems…learned a lot though—things like turning the both the hot and cold water off before you begin taking the sink apart, learned it’s not a good idea to paint over the top of wallpaper glue and the importance of a wax ring. With all of our newly gained knowledge we are thinking about tackling the master bathroom…we agreed our first step would be to—hire a professional :- )

Here are a few pictures.