The little tyke is kicking up a storm lately. It’s pretty cool. Every once in a while I will look down and my belly is moving! Thomas says he thinks its doing Tae Bo…but he said it better not come out looking like Billy Blanks or I'm in trouble.

We had the ultrasound last week and decided not to find out the sex. We are going to wait and be surprised. It was very cool. When we saw the profile picture of the face, we both agreed it looked like a Grosgebauer…maybe too early to tell just yet, but it’s a hunch :-)

Little Update (23 1/2 weeks)

Feeling great

Babies heart rate 153 today at appointment (but was 140’s at ultrasound)

Gained a lot of weight (too big of a number to tell)

Mostly showing in the belly

No unique cravings

Itchy shins…don’t know where that came from…

Still have a gut feeling it’s a boy…