What a season Vivianne's soccer team had this fall! They were 1st in their division in the regular season. Won all their games, except for the LAST one! But, even with that loss, they still qualified for the State Tournament in Rochester, MN. On their last practice they coach ended practice early, so the kids could decorate their parent's car windows with things like, "We're going to State!" " Go, Thunder!" "#10"...etc. They had so much fun doing this as a team in the parking lot by the practice fields.

The girls and I made personalized door decorations for each team member to hang on their hotel room door and we also made goody bags filled with snacks for the players.




One of the moms organized a pizza party for the team on Friday night in the hotel's party room. It was a pajama party! The girls had so much fun. It was so neat to see them being able to interact outside of soccer practice. Vivianne is the only girl on her team from her school, so the only time she sees these girls is at practice. She was over the moon happy.


They had their 1st game on Saturday, bright and early. It was a great game, with a ending score of 2-1, we won! It was freezing cold, but no one seemed to notice that during the last ten minutes of the game, because they were all too busy cheering and praying that we could hold the lead! Vivianne had an awesome assist that game :-)




Then we had a couple hour break before the next game, so we went to grab a bite to eat and ended up joining another team member and her family at a breakfast place. Vivianne ended up getting such a bad stomach ache afterwards that she ended up not playing in the first half of the second game :-( Boo hooo, booo, hooooooooooo! She played the entire second half though, but the team didn't win, so didn't advance to the semi-finals. They ended up getting 6th place out of 8 teams. Their coach was proud of them. He said they should be proud of how they played and that getting to state is such an amazing accomplishment in itself! It full on rained during the second half of the game. Brrrrr!



After the 2nd game, there was a lot of pool time! We all walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner as a team, and then back to the hotel for more swimming, followed by a movie night for the girls in one of the hotel rooms, while the parents met up in the lobby for socializing!

During the entire stay, I didn't take a sinlge picture, not one. But, thankfully, one of the parents, took pictures during both games and shared them with the team, so I have her to thank for the pictures in this post!

The entire experience was so much fun...I hope we get lucky enough to do it again one day!

As for now, fall soccer is officially over. Tom and I have 3 more nights free during the week from carting kids around and our weekends back! Yahooooooooooooo! Summer soccer starts in about a month...say what!?!?! I know. But, it will begin with just one practice per week, until Januaryish...then they will ramp up the practices for the spring/summer season, with games beginning in April :-)