For Christmas Lilah had given me a certificate for facials for two at the Spalon Montage as well as some makeup that I really wanted! I was SO surprised...I mean I had given her the name of the blush I was pining over, but the facials, that was all her idea! And what an idea it was! Lilah is my girl who loves lotions and potions and massages. She and I have had many "at-home" spa days together. But she's obviously never been to a real spa before. She and Tom had booked the appointment when they purchased the gift certificate and had checked with the front desk on whether it would be ok for her to get the service done, being she was 7.

I called a couple days before to confirm the appointment and luckily a good friend of mine was working the front desk. I explained to her the situation and she arranged it so that Lilah was with the best esthetician, whom was also a mom, so I felt better knowing she would be in good hands. I brought Lilah's robe from home and her flip flops so she could really enjoy the experience (we are provided sandals and robes). They have a little relaxing area with big leather couches and a fireplace where you sit and wait prior to your service and you can have spa water or tea...we had so much fun!

Both of our facials were amazing! Lilah loved it.

She says to me, "Mom, I wish we could do this every day!"

I said, "I know, baby. Me too!"

What a treat!

I took these pictures in the locker room...

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