Dear Lilah,

I want you to know that if I could freeze time, I would. So that we could continue to live in the land of make believe and wonder, superheroes and legos, goodnight running hugs and true love's kisses.


Right now, I wake up to surprise parties for no reason. The house is decorated and there is picnic by the fireplace...we sit on a blanket on the floor that you've set out and eat various nuts, or fruit and maybe some crackers or what ever else you find in the pantry and drink out of fancy glasses with curly straws. Then you and Vivianne put on a special dance production that is somewhat choreographed but mostly very much made up on the spot.

Right now, I spend my nights listening to you read books that no kindergartener should be able to read yet, but you do it with such ease and fluidity that you sound as if you've been reading for years.

Right now, I can count on a co-pilot whenever I leave the house, no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing. And if it's between Dad and Mom (for right now), I win ;-)

Right now, at any given moment,I can walk into your room and find a plethora of stuffed animals mostly swaddled in hand made beds created out of cardboard boxes and scotch tape. Everyone of them has a name and a buddy.

Right now, I will find you buried in legos, creating, building, and playing.

Right now, technology is second nature to you. You aren't afraid of it and welcome the challenge of it.

Right now, you are the one who reminds us to pray.

Right now, you are still very much my snuggle bug, my girl who loves the sense of touch, whether it's holding hands, or rubbing backs, or hugs and kisses.

Right now, if you have a dime in your piggy bank you'll spend it.

Right now, when you grow up you'd like to be a farmer. You'd have all kinds of animals and I could come to the farm whenever I wanted to help you out, so you say.

Right now, you love all things pickled. You and Dad can finish a jar of pickles in one sitting, no problem.

Right now, you'd give everything you have for a dog.

So long five years old, it's been good the best.


My sweet Lilah, I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond!