Pick-up Time at Vivianne's Pre-School

All the moms gather outside in front of the school and patiently chit chat while waiting for the class to be dismissed. As soon as class is finished, the teachers release one child at a time (once the teacher sees the child’s mom/caregiver). The kids just come marching out with the biggest smiles on their faces holding their little coats or backpacks. When they see their parent they just start running and give them the biggest hug. It’s almost like the kids feel so proud and so grown up! It’s so much fun to watch and be a part of.

She had another great day today. She was so excited to tell me everything she did, who she played with, what the snack was, etc. She gets talking so fast that the words are just spilling out of her mouth, most of the time I can make out what she is saying and the rest of the time I just smile and nod as she rambles away.

Side Note: While she was at pre-school today, I went to the library to return some books we had checked out the week before and I picked her out a few new ones, some movies, and CDs. So I had all of it in a small green shopping in between the driver and passenger seat of the van. On our way home from pre-school she notices the bag.

She asks, “Mommy, what’s in that bag?”

“A surprise for you!” I say.

“Ooooo, s’pise! Let me see, mommy!”

“I’ll let you see when we get home. Ok.”

She sits there for about 2 seconds quietly.

“A piano, momma?” she guesses.

“No, it’s not a piano.”

“Hmmmmmm…Play-dough in there?” she says.

“Nope. No play-dough.” I answer.


I can’t contain my laughter anymore and bust out giggling, she giggles too :-)

When she finally did get to open it she was thrilled, maybe not as excited as she would have been had I pulled a piano out of there, but it was still a good “s’pise” in her book ;-)