Parent-Teacher Conference

Today I had my first ever parent-teacher conference (as a parent, that is!) with Vivianne’s pre-school teachers. They had completed a very informal evaluation on her and shared it with me. The first thing on the list was “separation anxiety” and next to it they had written, NONE. I just laughed inside because it wasn’t that long ago that this child wouldn’t leave my side…people told me then that it was a “phase” and that she’d get over it and eventually learn she’d be ok without me…well they were right, it was a phase, a quite long phase, but none-the-less a phase :-) Dropping her off is a breeze, she marches right into class with the biggest smile and waves goodbye over her shoulder to me, if she says goodbye at all!

The next thing on the list was “peer relationships” and written by it was, VERY OUTGOING AND FRIENDLY :-) Note the “VERY”! That’s all her father in her as I am not outgoing whatsoever, I’m more like the shy kid in the corner, but a friendly shy kid, so she may get that from me ;-)

The next thing was “attention span” and by it was, GROWING. Nicely put, I thought :-)

The rest of the comments that followed were positive as well, so apparently we’ve haven’t screwed her up too much…yet!

Vivianne posing in front of the undecorated tree