We took the girls to Kamp Dels in Waterville, MN, this past weekend. And, once again, we had a fabulous time ;-) This campground is what some people might call “commercialism camping”…in that it had all the bells and whistles…a heated pool, baby pool, water spray park, shuffle board, parks, petting zoo, horse and pony rides, basketball courts, etc. all of which are ON site. Pretty crazy.

When I called to make our reservation, the crew informed me that Kamp Dells has a few “themed” weekends throughout the season and this past weekend’s theme happened to be Halloween. Trick-or-treating in August…ummm…yes…the girls were pumped :-) Everyone was asked to come dressed in costume to the magic show (seriously, a magic show at your campground, how crazy is that??!!) Saturday evening and then immediately following the show, the kiddos were able to trick-or-treat throughout the campground. Not everyone participated, but a lot of people did, and some people really went all out, even their campsites were decorated in Halloween spirit. There was also a “worm-hunt” put on by the camp staff where kids had to “dig” for gummy worms for prizes at one of the playgrounds. Both girls loved that! There was even a coloring contest! It was a very cool place, that sort of takes the “roughing” out of “roughing it.” We decided on our next camping outting we would try and find a spot a little less refined and give that a whirl…ha!

Highlights included:

1) Our paddleboating experience…only almost lost Lilah once ;-)
2) Vivianne jumping off the high dive
3) Not getting soaked in the tent during the torrential downpour Saturday evening
4) Seeing Lilah’s expression after watching the magician pull out a real bunny rabbit from the hat…so awesome.
5) Cooking on the fire with our cast iron pan (that was more like Tom’s highlight)
6) Our campsite location…right by the pool and very close to the bathrooms (ok, the bathroom part was more my highlight! ha!)

Tons of pictures to share :-)