For those of you that I haven’t already told, I surprised Thomas by planning a trip to New York over this past Easter weekend.

All I told him was that he needed to take Friday off from work. I planned the whole trip weeks before. When we got to the airport Friday morning, I finally told him we were going to New York…he was shocked!

We flew in around noon on Friday. Our hotel was located in midtown, so basically in the heart of the theater district, Times Square, and 5th Avenue. After we checked into the hotel we walked to Central Park. We grabbed a bite to eat at The Green Tavern. You could pay for a ride in a horse and buggy that would take you around the park, so after we had lunch we did that. It was so much fun. We saw Iggy Pop doing a photo shoot on one of the benches. For those of you who don’t follow old rock and roll, he’s a rocker from back in the day (I had no clue either).

That evening we had reservations at Sardis, a cute little restaurant my friend Cat recommended. When we were there we saw two more celebrities…the lady who plays the mom on the TV show, Judging Amy and “David” from One Life to Live, a soap opera on ABC. I actually watch that one over my lunch hour so it was a surreal moment for me. After we were through eating I got enough courage to go over and ask him if he would take a picture with me.

After dinner, we went to see “The Lion King” at the New Amsterdam Theater. It was phenomenal. We really enjoyed it. I highly recommend seeing it. We both agreed it was one of the best Broadway shows we have seen.

I had scheduled a helicopter tour for Saturday, so we did that first thing in the morning. It was fantastic. We got to see a lot of the city. It wasn’t even that scary, only one part where we turned and were tilted sideways…

We spent the rest of Saturday walking around Manhattan. The one part about the trip we could have did without was the waiting in line to go to the top of the Empire State Building. I think we stood in line for close to two hours.

Saturday evening we had tickets to the musical, “The Producers”. It was also very good. After the show ended, we walked through Times Square. It was really neat all lit up. The amount of people out and about blew me away. There were literally crowds of people everywhere you looked.

Our plane left Sunday morning.

It was an awesome trip. Here are a few pics.