This weekend was a pretty big "techy" weekend for us (and by "us" I mean "me."). Sorry for those of you that were anxiously awaiting a new post to read the last couple of days, hopefully you think the new site will be worth it. It looks pretty "vanilla" right now, as I have not styledthe site at all, or looked for other themes, but I assume that will change shortly.

One nice thing is that when I ran the import of our old articles, it automatically assigned all of them to me, so now Jenny has to go a LONG ways to catch up to me ;-).

The site should be faster in general, but I think the biggest improvement you will notice is the commenting lag, that will no longer be an issue. So, if you are like me, and didn’t like using the commenting on the old site because it took too long to get it to post…and you were never sure if it really did post….don’t let that be a reason you don’t want to do so anymore. (NOTE: I also didn’t comment much because it looks pretty pathetic when you are the only person commenting on your own site….but….we won’t get into that).

Anyway, hope you dig the new site. Let us know.