This is the 2nd year Thomas and I have done our Christmas shopping online, and believe me when I say it is so worth it! I highly recommend it to everyone! Shopping online is especially nice for us because we tend to travel for the holidays, and it allows us to buy a gift, have it gift wrapped, and mailed to the recipient's house, while sitting in bed at home (thank goodness for wireless internet)! No need to bring presents on the plane or in the car.

You can find almost anything online that you can find in a store, trust me. It might take a few searches on Amazon/Google, but the time spent surfing the web is incomparable to the time you spend driving to the mall, finding a place to park…which is a feat in and of itself…then hoofing it three miles to the mall because the only parking spot left was as far away from the entrance as possible…then the fun sets in as you battle the crowds in the stores…not to mention waiting in the long lines (and getting stuck behind the shopper that we all hate, who needs to analyze each and every item’s price, pull out the store flyer to make sure their getting the discount, and decides to carry on a lengthy meaningless conversation with the clerk, who inevitably decides to go on break as soon as its your turn and you know how the rest of the story goes)...and after all that you get to haul all your packages around with you while you finish the rest of your shopping. When you are finally ready to make the trek back to the car, you can't help but wonder if some lunatic has scoped you out and is waiting in the trenches ready to jump you and steal your goods in the parking lot! People if this sounds like something you go through every year, please don't subject your self to it anymore it's so much easier to buy gifts online.

A couple of websites I like are and! Happy shopping!