We spent the better part of the day together, just she and I. I took her to the coffee shop and let her pick out the biggest sugar cookie with sprinkles imaginable. We people watched while we snacked. I couldn’t help but thinking, when did this become easy? Who was this little lady sitting next to me? Where was my 250 pound diaper bag, the highchair, the stack of wipes…

When we got home, she got dressed up by herself, told me how she wanted her hair done, “Piggy tails, Mommy. One purple, one pink.” She put on her own shoes and after much debate carefully selected just one bracelet from the costume jewelry box.

“Look, Mom, look at me!” She said as she spinned around and around. I grabbed my camera snapping away like crazy as if I might miss an expression, a look, a something…

Then I sat down and watched my baby little girl play with her baby.