Just got this email from Lilah's 1st grade teacher:

Jenny & Tom---

Lilah's reading:
I am aware of the fact that Lilah is a phenomenal reader! I am going to do my ABSOLUTE best this year to reach her individual needs! She is WAY ahead of the norm. What are your reading goals for her this year?
Lilah, continues to impress me in so many ways! Just like Vivianne, Lilah has won hearts of her teachers and friends. In addition, her love and support for her classmates touches my heart more than words can express (tear). One can only hope that their child would care for others like Lilah does. Sometimes I pinch myself at her compassion. I look back to my younger years and wish that I were like Lilah!

Side note: I would love to hear any advice or tips of how you instill these great qualities in your daughters. I think all of my student could benefit from this. Both Vivianne and Lilah are outstanding students and friends. If you can't tell... I adore your girls!

Stacia Boeck
First Grade Teacher
Chanhassen Elementary