Thomas and I flew out to visit my brother in California over this past Memorial Day weekend. He lives in Southern California in a town called Fullerton. We had a blast! As soon as we flew in on Friday evening, Jeremy picked us up and we went to dinner at a Moroccan Restaurant called Marrakesh. It was quite an experience. The food was… well…Moroccan. I tried rabbit and to my surprise actually enjoyed it, it sort of tastes like chicken. The ambiance was incredible. We all found the belly dancer very entertaining.

On Saturday morning we boarded the Catalina Express Ferry from Long Beach City (LBC). The ferry ride was approximately forty-five minutes to Catalina Island. It was a little cool outside, mid 60s. We sat on the upper deck…none of us got sea sick, which was more than we could say for several others on board! After we docked, we walked around and explored the island a bit. It was amazing. Most of the island (88%) is protected by law and therefore left undeveloped. We took in two tours while we were there, the Avalon Land Tour and the Glass Bottom Boat Tour. The Avalon Land Tour is pretty self-explanatory; basically you were given a tour around the island by bus. Our tour guide was hilarious which made it even more enjoyable. We learned a lot of fun facts, for example, there is a limit on how many automobiles the city of Avalon can have, and that number was reached years ago. So residents who do not have a car are on a waiting list which is typically 11-15 years long. In the meantime, the household is allowed one golf cart to use for transportation. There were a lot of really cool pimped out golf carts on the island! On the Glass Bottom Boat Tour you sit around the outside edges of the boat, hollow square, if you will, the entire middle is glass. At first, everyone is leaning over intently watching the glass to see the fish and everything else, it’s pretty cool, however…about half way through the tour it all starts to look the same… then you have the option of just sitting back and enjoying the ride…which is what everyone eventually did…except one person…little ol Thomas! He leaned over and watched that glass until the very end. At one point, he was the only one still engaged in the tour, out of approximately 40 people. It was so funny! He didn’t even realize it. After the tour, he asked my brother and I what was so funny, after we told him, he giggled and said he couldn’t help that when he was a little boy all he wanted to be was a marine biologist! He definitely got his moneys worth on that oneJ As the day progressed, the clouds cleared out and the sun appeared. We grabbed lunch at Luau Larrys, the home of Jeremy’s favorite Hawaiian burger. Later that evening (11:00 pm) we went to an impromptu comedy show. There were five comedians. It was great! We laughed so hard. It was by far the best show I have seen.

On Sunday morning we took off for Huntington Beach, which was crazy! There were people from all walks of life enjoying the balmy weather. Many attended the professional beach volleyball tournament. It was a very happening, very active place…we were in the mood for a much more lazier feel so we drove to Newport Beach just a few miles away. Now that was paradise! We laid on the beach and soaked up the rays for the remainder of the afternoon. By the end of the day, we were exhausted from doing absolutely nothing! It was wonderful.

Monday came so quickly and it was time to go, but before we left we went to a lookout point in the Newport Beach area and walked a few trails all the while gawking at the beautiful homes that overlooked this amazing view. Thomas and I decided if we absolutely had to, we would live in one of those homesJ They all had glass fences…now you know you live in a great location when you put up a glass fence! Our trip was fantastic! Our only regret is not staying longer!
Here are a few pics.