I just LOVE MEA (Minnesota Educator Academy...aka., two days off from school;-) weekend! It's a nice little break from the every day, we generally don't go anywhere, so it's like an extra long weekend!

The girls and I spent yesterday getting a jump start on our holiday gift making...SO much fun! There are only 3 weekends between Christmas and Thanksgiving this year! YIKES! I've set a goal for myself---to be done with the making/buying/shipping of all our Christmas gifts before Thanksgiving. I was inspired by a friend who let me in on this little piece of advice, and I hope I can accomplish it and sit back and enjoy the month of December and all that the holidays bring just as she does.

With all this Christmas stuff on my mind, I wrote up new advent calendar activities for the girls this afternoon. We've had the same ones for the past 4 years now, they needed some updating. I'm super excited and I know the girls will be too! They always say that their favorite thing about Christmas time is the Advent Calendar and the Kids' Holiday Party! Presents usually follow soon after that, but I'm glad it's not their number one!

Today, Vivianne went with Tom to put up a deer stand on his buddy's land. Lilah stayed home with me. She helped me make her birthday cake! I can't even believe her birthday is next week! She is also the "Special K" student of the week next week, so she worked on her "All About Me Poster" and the journal that goes with it. When you are the "Special K" student you get to take home "OWliver" the stuffed owl for a whole week and journal your adventures together. She's already got two pages filled up with notes and pictures :-)

(Here she is helping with the cake...Owliver made it through without getting dirty...whew!)


It got chilly today. I finally broke down and turned the heat on for the first time this fall, that might be a record breaker. I think I've had 4 cups of tea so far today. But, the sun is shining bright and on Monday it's suppose to reach...70 degrees...gasp..we shall see! It's so beautiful this time of year. I LOVE fall.

The rest of our weekend is going to be filled with pumpkins, leaves, homemade soup, and cozy fires.