Almost two months ago, we left the land of storybook houses and fairytale gardens and headed west to make our new home in Minnesota.

We spent almost seven years in Lake Forest. From the moment we drove through the town, we were smitten. We knew we wanted to live there, but we didn’t know how we could afford to. A friend actually told us of a steal of a deal (at the time) on this tiny little two bedroom/two bathroom condo and the rest was history. Everything, from the quaint little downtown market square to the picture perfect neighborhoods filled with houses, all so unique, the character just seemed to ooze out of them, spoke to us. So much of our time was spent strolling down the sidewalks around town oooooing and awwwwwing over each house we’d pass. “This is the one I love!” And two houses later, it would be, “No, THIS is the one that I love.” Over and over the conversation would repeat itself. I wondered after we moved in whether the town’s beauty wouldn’t stand out as easily, if one day we would eventually take it for granted…but that didn’t happen. Driving down Deerpath under it’s massive canopy of green trees never got old. That moment, as you wind around the bend on the lake road, when you first catch glimpse of the grand Lake Michigan, was as breathtaking the first time as it was the last. Our girls spent their summers on that beach. It will always hold some of my favorite memories.

The Lake Forest community cared. Everything was clean and well kept and not a dime was spared when it came to hosting special events and holidays, this town went all out, everytime, no question. The park district and the preschools, all of them top notch, especially, Joytime. In fact, it was probably the one thing I cried most about when we made the decision to leave. I had my heart set on Lilah attending preschool there just as her big sister had. The love that poured out of that school was real and plentiful and rare. Joytime and The Gorton Children’s Drop-In Center, will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We loved living in Lake Forest and we will miss it.

But, that said, we have never been more sure of our decision to move closer to home (ND), to our family and friends. Just in our short time here so far, we have been able to watch our children grow closer to their grandparents, build stronger relationships with their cousins…to have that kind of support system in place is without question the biggest influence in our decision to relocate.

We are now only one week away from moving into our very own storybook house with its fairytale garden…and we are so excited for new adventures, new discoveries and falling in love with where we live, again.