I get anywhere from one to a dozen of these a day. Some are colored and/or painted, some are “free-style” drawings, some are just little words of sentiment written on scratch paper.

love notes from the girls

love notes from the girls

Most of the time, they are presented to me like this:

“Close your eyes, Mom.”

I listen. Close my eyes. Pretend I have no idea what’s happening.

“Now, open them!” they squeal, staring up at me, their heart pounding. I look down at them standing with their arms outstretched, gripping their masterpiece tightly for me to see.

And for a second, all is quiet…And, then it happens, that moment. The moment they have been waiting for…my reaction.

“Oooooooo….(gasp…sigh, hand to my heart) I just looooooove it! Thank YOU sooo much!” I practically sing these words as if I had just won an oscar. “I’ll have to hang this up/put it where I keep my special treasures/show Dad!….”

They beam, proud as can be, and rush off to make more jaw-dropping creations.

This little performance is acted out time and time, again. And it’s cool, and it’s neat, and I appreciate all of these little gifts I’m given throughout the day, I really do. BUT

…sometimes…every once-in-awhile, I’ll find these ‘little works of art’ lying on my pillow or on top of my dresser or even tucked inside my purse. During these times, there isn’t a “close your eyes” prequel, there isn’t a need for the song-and-dance routine. I find these “love notes” alone, by myself…little surprises they have planted for me.

love notes from the girls

And then all of a sudden, I’m the one gripping their masterpiece so tightly…my heart pounding…and for a second, all is quiet, and it’s…me…who is caught up in that moment, in my own reaction…gasp..sigh…hand to my heart…