I surprised Thomas this weekend by planning a fun night out at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort (LMR). The LMR is in Lincolnshire, a northern suburb of Chicago, about 20 minutes from where we live. It is know for its restaurants, golf, and custom-built theater.

We checked in Friday afternoon, relaxed and had a drink. Then had dinner at “The King’s Wharf” which is a delcious little steak and seafood restaurant. After dinner, we saw the musical “Oliver” (based on the book and movie Oliver Twist). The nice thing was we never had to leave the property. We had such a good time!

On Saturday we decided to swing by the Baha’i Temple, in Wilmette. Some friends had recommended we go see it. We had no idea how beautiful it would be. The architecture is unbelievable, literally takes your breath away. There is a pretty cool story behind it too, but it would be better coming from the tour guides :-)