So it appears that genetics run deep in this family...the girls dental structure could be one in the same, or so our dentist thinks ;-) They will most likely have matching smiles :-)

Lilah got her bottom middle two teeth pulled at the dentist on Thursday...she was a champ...didn't shed a tear or make a peep. They numbed her up and gave her "the gas" so that she was very comfortable. One of her bottom teeth was in fact loose, dangling by a thread, but she was not a fan of us trying to pull it out. However, her permanent tooth had already begun to pop through her gums and grow behind her baby tooth, so it was time to do something about it. The dentist suggested pulling the tooth next to it as well, as she fore saw the same thing happening with that tooth as well...her permanent teeth are a wee bit larger than her baby teeth, so it looks like crowding will be in her future as well...but, alas we've got that HSA bring on the dental work, baby! Who hoooooooooo!

The last picture of her with her baby teeth smile...


I will get a picture of her new smile up on here soon :-)