Today was “her” day. Words cannot express how excited she was to finally be going to preschool! She has been talking about it non-stop since forever a long time. After moving to MN, a neighbor recommended we check out the preschool her daughter would attend. We scheduled a tour and fell in love instantly. The place is every kid’s dream…toys galore and tons of space to run and play. At the time that we toured, there were only 3 afternoon spaces available, the morning classes were completely full with a waiting list to boot. I was really hoping to get Lilah into the morning class for a few reasons, but mainly because she does tend to take need a nap everyonce in a while and I was wondering how that would factor in with her being in the afternoon class and missing out on that rest time. But…we liked the place so much and felt she was ready to start, so we signed up the very next day.

All smiles

My baby's 1st day of preschool!

She is in the “orange” class. For a long time now, orange has been her favorite color, so knowing that was huge for her. It is only recently that she has begun to add every color she can think of to her list of “favorites”. I took her to meet her teachers earlier this week. We walk into her classroom and she immediately goes over to the babies and begins playing…doesn’t look up or back to see whether I stayed or left. She was “busy”. She met some of her classmates and they seemed to get along right from the go. It took some convincing, but I did manage to get her out of there ;-)

Lilah's 1st Day of Preschool

She was more than ready to go back today. She didn’t stop smiling as we went through the “carline” (which is new to me)…and when it was our turn, her teacher reached in and helped her out of her carseat and walked her into the building and there was no looking back. She was not crying, not scared…not yet three years old. My baby was going to preschool. I don’t think I’ve cried this much collectively (beginning with V’s kindergarten last week until now) since reading, The Notebook. There’s a good chance I might have to be sedated for their graduations.


We were 1st in the carline for pick up. Her teacher walked her out and Lilah hopped into the car talking so fast about all that had happened that I had to interrupt her to tell her to get strapped into her carseat so we could move forward before the other cars started to honk. She reaches into her “orange” backpack and pulls out her first project. “SEE! I made it all by myself and it’s for all of you!” she says beaming. According to her, preschool was, “The BEST school EVER!”

I’m so, so happy for her and so looking forward to many more little projects that she will bring home throughout the year, that were made, “just for us”.

All that learning and fun tuckered her out big time…both kids in bed by 6:00 pm tonight…ya, I’m pretty sure that’s a record breaker in this house :-)

loves her boots & her baby;-)