Dear Vivianne,

Here we are at your 4th commerical are on set and I am waiting in the area reserved for the parents of the "talent". This job is your biggest one yet, monetary-wise, and you couldn't be more excited. The agency called and asked you to squeeze in this audition on a day you were already going to a wardrobe fitting for another commercial you had previously booked. I was somewhat reluctant to say we'd be there, because I didn't really want to take you out of school early, AGAIN, but the agent basically told me that it would be in your best interest to be there, so we went. It was like any typical audition, we were there for a total of about 5 minutes, with zero feedback. And off we went to the next location for your fitting. Almost a week goes by with no word from the agent (typical), and then he calls and asks you to come back in for a call back (2nd audition). As we are walking in, we pass tons of adorable little kids coming in and out of the building doing the very same thing. The chances of booking any job is so low, there are literaly hundreds of kids, and it's totally up to the client's preferences. But, later on that evening, we get an email from your agent, saying you are "on-hold" for the job. I immediately, send him a message and ask what that means...he says, the client has specifically requested YOU, but we had to hold off celebrating just yet, because no official paperwork has been sent over. We celebrated anyway. And you were "officially" booked the very next day. This particular shoot is unique, in that, it is in LaCrosse, Wisconsin! The production company has put us up in a hotel, given us a per diem for gas and food while we are here...we feel like big stuff, basically. We woke up this morning (early!!!) and head to set (which is this bed-n-breakfast place that used to be an old schoolhouse), you were told to come in your pjs (that the wardrobe stylist provided you with the night before). You had two different looks (one in your pjs, the other in a soccer uniform). You have a mom and a little brother in both scenes and the commercial is for a local health company called Gunderson Health, based in Wisconsin. The TV mom makes you and your younger brother nutritious smoothies and you get to taste them and give your reaction. Once we are done (wrapped), we are free to go back to the hotel and stay another night (free of charge) or we can head home, it's up to us.

The commerical you did prior to this was for General Mills. In this one you played the little sister whose mother went to the "dark side". It was Star Wars theme. She tucked you into bed and took away your baby doll and gave you a "Kylo-Ren" doll instead. This was done in Minneapolis at someone's house (yes, someone rented their home out for the's apparently a thing!).We even got to meet the little girl whose room you used at the end of the day.

And the commerical before that was for a company called Travel Leaders Group. You, again, played a daugther whose mother was envious of a neighbor who had recently taken a vacation. You were dressed in a wizard's cape and hand a magic wand where you were doing spells on a cat ;-) This one took us to Elk River (suburb of Minneapolis) to a model home, which was staged only in the areas (kitchen) where the commerical took place. I sat upstairs and waited for you for 9+ hours in an empty bedroom on the floor, ha! My job basically on all these jobs is to bring you to where you are supposed to be and wait. But, I'm happy to do it, you are enjoying it, and the experience you are getting is completely worth it. Not to mention, the money you are making! We are putting most of it in your savings for college! We let you keep some, of course, you are working and deserve it! You bought an iPod with the money you made from your 1st commerical which was for the Country Inn Suites Hotel, way back in 2014, you were in 2nd grade and had just turned 7.

Dad and I are so pround of you. You are really pretty good at this whole acting business we've been told! It's funny because ever since you were little, our friends, family, even random strangers would comment on your larger-than-life personality, they'd even say to us, she should be on television! That is no joke. Well, here you are, proving them right. Maybe this will be your last job...maybe you're just getting going...there's no telling in this crazy, unpredictable business, but for what it's worth, for now, you are crushing it! Nice work, peanut, nice work ;-)