Today was “Dog Day” in Lake Forest. Even though we don’t have a dog…we decided to go check it out anyway.

It was possibly one of the coolest things ever. Basically its a day to celebrate dogs. Anyone can bring their dog. There are fun games for the dogs and owners to participate in, for example: dance with your dog, best tricks, best in show, and the 50 yard dash to see whose dog is the fastest…that was the most fun to watch. There was an MC that was dressed in circus attire that MC’d the entire event. All the dogs and children really got into it. There were prizes for all the winners. At the end a bag piper, followed by the mayor and the winner of “best in show” led the doggy parade down to Market Square.

It was so cute! I was wishing I had a video camera, instead of my digital to really capture the enthusiasm and excitement of the kids, but the still shots will have to do for now. Enjoy these pics!