Lake Forest Days, August 4-5, 2009

This was the first year we really partook in the annual Lake Forest Days’ festivities. We all went to the carnival last night. Vivianne had a blast! She and Thomas rode most of the rides together, although she and Isabel, her little friend, rode on the dragon ride by themselves! Isabel’s mom and I were more scared watching them go on it by themselves than they were actually riding the ride. It was so cute to see them holding hands as they would pass by us. We would all cheer and wave but they were pretty focused on the ride itself to pay us much attention. Vivianne’s favorite ride was the “pony” ride, otherwise known as the merry-go-round. Thomas took her on that one twice:-) He also won her her first carnival prize, a stuffed red puppy! She was over the moon.

"Pony" ride!

Here is a short video of Vivianne’s first carnival ride, the tea cups…

We went to the parade this morning. The girls had so much fun! They loved the music and the fact that everyone was handing out candy and little trinkets ;-) One of the local pizza places gave away free pizza and pop so they were pretty excited about that as well!

Isabel and Vivianne at the parade She loved the parade!