I chaperoned the 5th grade field trip to Junior Achievement BizTown last week. It was probably the coolest field trip I've been on. The place is set up like a mini community that included a bank, a wellness center, an advertizing station (with a DJ), a newspaper, a philantropy desk, construction site, science discovery store, a grocery store, a financial planning business, and a few other things I know I'm forgetting.

But the kids are placed into a business, which is determined earlier after they've provided their top three choices/interests. Each business applies for a small business loan at the bank and the goal is to pay off the small business loan by the end of the day. Each child is given their own checkbook and debit card and they are required to "open up a savings account" at the bank. They are paid twice that day by their respective CFO with a check in which they take to deposit. They are allowed to use their funds however they want. The stores had things for sale and the grocery store had snacks and stuff they could purchase as well. It was unbelievable.

Each business had a set of tasks to complete and each person had a specific job within that business (a clipboard held all their directives). I was chaperoning in the newspaper and the kids had to go to each of the businesses and get ads from them, and they imputed them into the computers and took photographs and actually printed a newspaper before the end of the day, and then sold it!

Vivianne was the DJ! She was in her element like you would not believe. She wanted that job so bad and was soooo happy when she found out she got it. She read the weather report, played song requests, read radio advertisements for the businesses, etc. She had an absolute blast. Each business had a knob in their room where they could control the volume of the radio, so she was broadcasting in the entire facility and loving it!

Here are a couple pictures. They have strict guidelines about only taking pictures of your child and posting on social media, so I couldn't really take pictures of the environment because there were kids everywhere! But, trust me, it was super cool.