Jenny vs. The Williams Sonoma Baking Book

Ok, so last weekend, I watched the movie Julie & Julia. Here’s the trailer:

Anyways, in the movie, Julie, challenged herself to go through Julia Child’s entire cookbook and make every single recipe, and do it all in one year. Ridiculous, crazy, I know…but somehow very cool. Long story short—-I was inspired. So I’ve decided to do my own little (BIG) project. Learning the true art of COOKING, like Julie did, would most definitely please a lot of people in my house, however, that will not be my focus. Instead, I have aspired to master baking. I do bake from time to time, it’s not that I’ve never made anything, but I’m hoping to broaden my horizons and learn how to make more things from scratch, the ‘old school’ way. That said, I’ve decided to bake my way through the Williams Sonoma Baking Book. My goal is to try one new recipe per week (maybe I will add more, we’ll see how it goes). I am not sure how many total recipes there are in this book, but it is very, very large, so it will most likely take me a very, very long time. Hopefully, by the eve of my 50th birthday, I will have completed it. The book says to start with the “basic” recipes, so my first recipe will be learning how to make Flaky Pastry Dough.

If it’s any good, there’s a good chance I will write about it :-)

Get ready Mom, Grandma and Cynthia…I will more than likely be calling you when I get stuck :-)