Vivianne had her two-year well baby checkup this morning. Vivianne got along real well with the doctor until it was time for the doctor to check her ears, throat and nose, at which time I had to use most of my force to hold her still. There were no more smiles given to the doctor after that, only a really loud, perfectly enunciated “BYE!” from Vivianne when the doctor stood up to leave the room. Once the door was closed Vivianne looks at me and she said, “Go, home!” Too bad for her that the worst was yet to come as the nurse comes back in to give her a shot followed by a pretty solid prick on the finger for a blood draw. I keep waiting for the whole ‘watching someone give your child a shot’ thing to get easier, but so far it is still stinks. The good news is she is one helluva vaccinated kiddo.

They weighed and measured her and we now have proof that she is definitely growing. She is no longer in the 5th percentile for height, but the 10th! Yippee! She is 32.25 inches tall. She weighs 25.5 pounds (25th percentile) and her noggin’ continues to exceed the rest of the growth of her body falling into the 80th percentile.

We started potty training her about two weeks ago, and to our surprise she has taken to it very well. She hasn’t had an accident in twelve days. She still wears a diaper at bed time and a pull up during her nap, but when she is awake she goes on the potty!

She’s getting to be such a big girl. It really hit home last night when Thomas says to me, “Well, babe, this is the last night that we’ll be parents of a one year old.”