Our Elf on the shelf, Juanto, arrived Thanksgiving weekend in a package on our front doorstep.


And, he’s been hiding throughout the house ever since!

Finding “Juanto” each morning, is such an event :-) I’m going to video tape it one morning!

Vivianne’s classroom also has an elf this year, that elf is named Buddy. Sometimes the students will write notes to Buddy…so Vivianne started writing notes to Juanto…I found these near his hiding spot a couple weeks ago ;-)


The 1st note says, “To Jaunto Your the best and snecckyist and aswomeist elllf I ever met”

The 2nd note says, “To Jaunt You probly now that we have a ellf at school but I still like you more.”

The 3rd one reads, “Jaunto do you think Im weird becus I believ in fairy From Vivianne”

The 4th one says, “To Santa on Christmas will you wake me up love Vivianne”

*Believe it or not, spelling is one of her favorite subjects! Oh, dear!