Harley Belle

Today almost marks one week since Harley has been completely potty trained. She has finally learned to ring the bells hanging on our door to let us know that she has to go outside. This is such a huge accomplishment. We are so proud and so thankful, and honestly, so relieved. I was beginning to wonder if she'd ever be trained.

She's four months old. She knows a few commands like sit, lay down, shake, kennel up...we are still working on "come" that is hit or miss. She rarely barks, which is so nice. She is 5 pounds now and growing. She got her first real haircut the beginning of January. She does sleep in the mudroom at night...that was a LONG process, but now she goes in without crying and sleeps all night just fine. No more waking up at 3 am to take her outside to go to the bathroom. It is, dare I say, finally getting easier?!?!

She is such a companion dog, loves to be near you. She loves the entire family. The girls adore her. She's the perfect combination of playful and cuddly. I honestly don't think we could have picked a more perfect dog for our family.

I have a million photos...here are just a few!










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