Happy early Valentine’s Day! We celebrated early this year, being the girls and I will be leaving tomorrow to go visit my sister and won’t be home until after the holiday. I kept up with the tradition that I started last year and organized a Scavenger Hunt for the girls…they had seventeen clues to solve before finding their Valentine’s surprise:-) So fun! Vivianne would read the clues out loud and then she and Lilah would run off together to find them. They were quite the team :-)


This year for school valentines, we decided to try something that didn’t involve candy…we found these ideas (below) on Pinterest (love that site!). The girls each brought their Valentines to school early and passed them out. They were pretty bummed when they found out they will miss their kindergarten and preschool v-day parties, but Auntie Jess invited us to come and join her and her class for their classroom’s party on Friday in AZ (she teaches 2nd grade)! The girls are pumped!

Lilah's Valentine Lilah's Valentine
Vivianne's Valentine Vivianne's Valentine

Valentines Garland

*I think this will be the 1st time in 17 years that I haven’t spent Valentine’s Day with my Valentine…boo hoo! We’ll miss Dad for sure!!!

We love you, Dad.