Dear Vivianne,

You are 9 years old and you are so excited to celebrate with us and Grandpa Dean and Grandma JoAnne tonight. You've been counting down the days for about a month now. It's Thursday, our normal "lunch date" day, but it just so happens it's your birthday too, so you requested a special treat which was a bagel with strawberry cream cheese from Einstein Brothers Bagels. Your friend, Quinlyn, joined us for lunch.
Birthday Lunch
You still give me the biggest hug every time I come to see you at school. It doesn't matter if we are in front of your friends, you aren't embarrassed of me...yet ;-)

After school we come home for a quick snack before I cart you off to gymnastics practice. You recently started up gymnastics after almost a year off. It seems you have fallen in love, all over again, with the sport. I drop you off and rush home to bake some brownies for your celebration. You are not a fan of cake. Ice cream is still number one on your list and we found that brownies go well with ice cream:-) I hang up some decorations and start preparing your favorite dinner...Fettuccine Alfredo and head back to the gym to pick you up. We come home, have dinner, dessert and then it's time for presents. You really wanted a full length mirror for your bedroom and Grandpa and Grandma knocked it out of the park and made that wish come true. You were so happy! Dad and I surprised you with a polaroid camera, another big hit!

When I head up to tuck you in that night, I consciously try and make an effort to pause and take it all in...I can't believe I'm saying goodnight to my 9 year old. Wow. Every year I say the same thing, "How can this be? It seems like yesterday that you were just a baby...blah, blah, blah", but it's true, it does.

Vivianne 1 Year Old

Sometimes the days can seem long, but the years are short in comparison. One day when you have children of your own, you will understand what that means.

You excitedly remind me that this is your last year of being in the single digits. And after hearing that, I just want to hold you so tight, memorize every eye lash and hair on your head, and commit to memory how you are right this very the sound of your laugh, the way you light up a room with your smile, your love of books, how much you enjoy playing catch with dad, how you are always looking out for Lilah, your BIG personality and your enthusiasm for life, it's so infectious.

You will forever be my sunshine, a light so bright and warm, making every day just a little bit happier.

Vivianne 9 Years Old

Happy birthday, Peanut!